Stephen Ministry


Stephen Ministry is the one-to-one lay caring ministry that takes place in congregations that use the Stephen Series system.The first class of Stephen Ministers at St. Mary’s Church was commissioned in 2014.  Stephen Ministries provides lay pastoral Stephen-3care in over 12,000 congregations from 160 denominations in 24 countries.  St. Mary’s Stephen Ministers have received over fifty hours of rigorous training to be with people through times of crisis, brokenness, wandering, and suffering in their lives.  In this way, lay Stephen Ministers assist ordained clergy in walking in Christ with those in greatest need for as long as they need it.  For questions, please email,

The Stephen Ministry Class shown above left to right: Sheila Santangelo, Linda Sharp, Lee Walsh, Grant Schettler, David Crosson, Arthur Perkins, Julia McCray Goldsmith (Stephen Leader), Megan Topping, and Nan Slavin.

Stephen MinistrySeven new Stephen Ministers were commissioned on March 26th. Stephen Ministry is an international ministry of parish based lay pastoral care, which has been serving St Mary’s since 2015. After fifty hours of rigorous training, Stephen Ministers walk with people in Christ during times of personal crisis. The Rev. Dr. Don Brown, Nan Slavin, and David Crosson served as this year’s training leaders.

There currently are eight Stephen Ministry congregations within the Diocese of California. The Episcopal parishes of St. Mary the Virgin and Holy Innocents are the only two Stephen Ministry churches of any denomination within the city of San Francisco.

The following seven people were commissioned Stephen Ministers: Alli Bunker, Megan Burrows, Joannie Ericson, Kory Li, Laurie Lenore Martin, Alexandra Pearson, and Jacob (James) Shepherd.