Creation Care


The people at St. Mary’s believe that all Christians are called to be dedicated stewards of God’s creation.  To that end, we set aside three Sundays every year (the Feast of Saint Francis, World Mission Sunday, and Earth Day) to bring our prayerful attention to the critical ecological issues facing the global community. We also commit to being a “green” church in our daily practices and have special events during the year (the Sustainable Feast, for instance) where we share best practices with one another in a festive environment.  The values of Creation Care are also thoughtfully woven into our Sunday School curriculum.

In 2015 we are thrilled to have installed a solar panel system.  These solar panels will make us 90% less reliant on the traditional power grid and save us nearly $10,000 a year in energy costs.  We are happy to be part of the Diocese of California’s efforts to have more parishes in the Bay Area go green and go solar!