Stephen Ministry


Stephen Ministry is the one-to-one lay caring ministry that takes place in congregations that use the Stephen Series system.The first class of Stephen Ministers at St. Mary’s Church was commissioned Sunday, September 21st 2014.  Stephen Ministries provides lay pastoral Stephen-3care in over 12,000 congregations from 160 denominations in 24 countries.  St. Mary’s Stephen Ministers have received over fifty hours of rigorous training to be with people through times of crisis, brokenness, wandering, and suffering in their lives.  In this way, lay Stephen Ministers assist ordained clergy in walking in Christ with those in greatest need for as long as they need it.  For questions, please email,

The Stephen Ministry Class shown above left to right: Sheila Santangelo, Linda Sharp, Lee Walsh, Grant Schettler, David Crosson, Arthur Perkins, Julia McCray Goldsmith (Stephen Leader), Megan Topping, and Nan Slavin.

Does your baptismal covenant call you to care for the wounded, offer solace to the suffering, and uplift those in time of upheaval?

Do you believe that God’s grace begins with you? Do you feel called to witness to God’s love in the most intimate, personal, and supportive ways? Do you have the skills of a dependable, non-judgmental listener? Can you care without trying to fix? Then you may be called to be a Stephen Minister.

A new Stephen Ministry training class will begin at St. Mary’s in October. A Stephen Minister is a loving person who is equipped through fifty hours of training and continuing supervision to provide Christ-centered pastoral care to people in times of loss, crisis, confusion, and grief. Our current pool of Stephen Ministers is totally committed. We need you!

We will be interviewing prospective Stephen Ministers in September and start the new training class on October 10 . If you are interested in exploring this ministry further, immediately contact one of the clergy or David Crosson at 408/316-0478 or