Liturgical Ministries

Worship is at the heart of what the Church does. It is where we as a community make our boldest claims: who God is, how God interacts with creation, and what it ultimately means to be the body of Christ in the world. If leading worship is of interest to you, there’s a way to get involved! Members of the parish serve as readers, ushers, prayer leaders, and help set up for and clean up after worship. A description of each of these ministries is found below, including a contact person. For more general questions about Worship, please Natalie Hala,

Altar Guild
altarguildThe Altar Guild is a ministry of anticipation and celebration. Each week, we ready the sanctuary with flowers and greens, fresh candles, and clean linens to welcome God’s people into a sacred time and place. We are community builders, a vital part of the St. Mary’s welcome team. We specialize in improvisation, spotting needs and lending a hand, ear or shoulder during Sunday services, weddings and funerals. We also laugh a lot at the backstage fumbles that keep us all humble. Contact: Deborah Franklin at

Chalice Bearers

chaliceChalice Bearers assist the clergy at the altar during each service, and administer the chalice during Holy Communion.  At the 11:00 am service, they carry the cross and torches during the processional, at the reading of the Gospel, and during the recessional. As well as serving on Sundays, the Chalice Bearers serve during Holy Week and during the Easter and the Christmas services. Contact: Pam and Bob Bledsoe at

Eucharistic Visitors

levsLay Eucharistic Ministry is a vital step in helping embody and emphasize the reality of the church as community. We come forward to the altar immediately before the Eucharist. We receive a commission from the priest and carry consecrated wafers and wine to the folk, many elderly and infirm, some temporarily incapacitated, who are unable to attend services at church and wish to receive visitors and communion at home, in a nursing home, or sometimes at the hospital. Sometimes they are alone-sometimes a caregiver joins us- sometimes a group is assembled. We offer a brief service of worship that usually includes the Gospel and the Lord’s Prayer and features the sacramental bread and wine directly from St Mary’s table. Contact: Natalie Hala at

Lectors and Prayer Leaders

readingThe volunteers to this ministry offer our time and talent to prepare and read scriptural lessons, lead the prayers of the people, and (at 9:00 a.m.) deliver children’s homilies. We are a responsive and dedicated group that brings a congregational presence to the liturgy.  Contact Margaret Stafford at


Ushers present the first face of the parish to newcomers and regular worshipers at St. Mary’s, as welcoming hosts. They guide worshipers to seats and through the service. Ushering is a fantastic way to contribute your time and talent to the SMV community and is a minimal commitment of once per month at the service of your choice. We also ask for volunteers to assist at special services such as Christmas Eve and Easter. Ushering is a great way to meet people as you welcome them in the courtyard and assist in helping to make the services run smoothly to help create a worshipful atmosphere. Contact: David Sullivan at