St. Mary’s Gathering in Person Phased Plan Approved by the Diocese
The Diocese of California has approved St. Mary’s Gathering in Person phase-in plan that was created by the Gathering in Person Task Force and approved by the Vestry. We are now poised to begin implementing the plan in accordance with prevailing City, State and Diocesan guidelines.

St. Mary’s plan is cautious, comprehensive, and flexible.  It provides a step by step approach to achieve a safe, sustainable and theologically sound road map for St. Mary’s worship, ministries, faith formation and administrative functions to gradually incorporate larger in-person gatherings as the pandemic recedes.

St. Mary’s plan can be found HERE

Introducing In-Person Registration Website
In order to comply with attendance limits and offer contract tracing if necessary, all participants are required to register in advance to attend in-person worship services. Participants will need to register their attendance on a weekly basis. In order to fulfill our commitment to offering services that are safe, sustainable, and theologically sound, it is highly discouraged that people show up to an in-person gathering without registering their participation. Please click HERE to register.