2020 Pledge to St. Mary’s

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Come, Belong, Bless, Give. These four simple words capture the theme of the 2020 Annual Appeal and our vision for our parish as it seeks to live its mission of receiving the grace of God and bearing Christ into the world. Over the past several months, members of our annual appeal team have spoken with many of you about your love and hopes for St. Mary’s. Again and again, people spoke of how important, vital even, their friendships at St. Mary’s were for them. People shared stories of raising children with others in a loving faith environment. Others spoke of people who carried them through difficult times like losing a spouse or undergoing cancer treatment. Still, more simply expressed how meaningful it was to be in real relationships with people in a world that seems to honor and value authenticity less and less. Another clear theme from our conversations was the joy and purpose people discover while making a difference in the world through St. Mary’s. Delivering food to those in need, bagging thousands of meals for those who hunger in other countries, serving meals to the under-resourced and those experiencing homelessness, proclaiming God’s love and grace to those marginalized, and standing up for the “least of these” profoundly impacts the lives of St. Mary’s members and those they serve. Making God’s grace real is a core aspect of what it means to be a part of St.Mary’s.

The great hope for all is that St. Mary’s continues to be a place of love and joy. A place thriving with life and offering the fullness of life that is the way of Christ. To continue partnering with the Holy Spirit in offering meaningful relationships and meaningful purpose
and proclaiming God’s grace to the world.

We invite you to join in this great purpose by making a financial pledge for 2020. We urge you, even, to make St. Mary’s a top priority in your charitable giving; let us all work together in living into God’s exciting vision for our future.

With grace and joy,

The Rev. David Erickson, Rector – Mr. Jim Griffith, 2020 Annual Appeal Chair

Come: Jesus proclaims that when two or three are gathered in his name, he will be in the midst of us. Christ’s presence is with us, empowering us, when we are together healing, restoring, and transforming. When we gather for weekly worship, study, fellowship, and service, we open ourselves to the wonderful presence of God’s love and grace.
Belong: St. Paul describes the people gathered in God’s name, the church, as the Body of Christ. As followers of Christ, we become part of something bigger than ourselves, connected to each other and to God. The greatest gifts we receive when we become active parishioners at St. Mary’s are life-giving and life-fulfilling relationships.
Bless: Christ boldly tells his disciples in the Gospel of John that they will do things even greater than he has done. As Christ followers we are blessed; the great news is that we also become a blessing to others! The Holy Spirit moves us beyond the bounds of St. Mary’s and into our everyday lives. We give of ourselves, our time, our talents, and in return we become our true selves: agents of God’s grace, instruments of Christ’s love, and channels of the Spirit’s hope.
Give: Scripture reminds us that where our treasure is, our heart will also be. What we care about, what we put as primary in our lives, is reflected in our financial giving. God invites us into the fullness of life by generously participating in financially supporting God’s mission at St.Mary’s. This mission is only possible through the financial giving from friends and members of St. Mary’s. And while generous giving makes mission and ministry possible, it also powerfully connects us with God and with our true selves.

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