June 06 2017
Cow Hollow Church News

The Summer issue of the Cow Hollow Church News is out. Read all about the latest happenings at St. Mary’s in the summer issue.  Click on links to see highlights.

On the front page, our Interim Rector Don Brown inspires us to be attentive to the people we encounter, and thus become blessed by God, one encounter at a time.

On page 2, Senior Warden Roulhac Austin tells us some amazing statistics that show how hard our Search Committee worked to identify candidates that the vestry is now considering. Search Committee Co-Chairs Diana Sullivan and Creighton Reed detail the committee’s lengthy, intensive, and fulfilling work, on page 10.

Ellen McLean, our Assistant Treasurer, describes how our parish’s financial resources support our outreach projects, on page 3.

On page 8, Kevin Bulivant, our finance manager, relates a dramatic personal story of a medical emergency in the sanctuary, and the healing that followed.

Our interim priest Lin Knight offers experienced wisdom on the transition process, on page 14, and interim priest Paula Nesbitt recounts her experiences engaging in important work for women worldwide, in connection with the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, on page 15.

See recent issues of the Cow Hollow Church News here. If you are curious about any aspect of our life at St. Mary’s and would like to know more about it, please let the editor know by emailing inkyword@aol.com.

Scholarship Winners

First St. Mary Magdalene Scholarships
Recipients of the first St. Mary Magdalene Scholarships were announced in May. Seven young women from our parish, selected on the basis of their outstanding service to the church and the broader community, share the honors. Meet them and learn more about the scholarship fund, on page 12.

Faith in Action

Faith, Justice and Action
For some parishioners of St. Maryʹs, events of the year 2017 ignited a heightened awareness of issues in the community, inspiring a desire to express their faith through taking action. Read about it on page 18.

You can also read the Cow Hollow Church News in pdf format.

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