June 01 2017
Welcome to our New Rector

Sunday, August 20 - 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. The Rev. David Erickson will preach at both services.  Plan to attend to give our new rector and his family a warm welcome to St. Mary's.

From The Rev. David Erickson - Dear Parishioners of St. Mary’s.

Greetings! Heather and I are overjoyed to join your church and community. We have deeply felt the Spirit’s presence leading us to partnership in ministry with you and the Diocese of California.

There is so much that excites me about St. Mary’s. First, I am incredibly impressed with your focus on nurturing people’s souls through your five core practices: weekly worship, daily prayer, continuous learning, joyful service, and generous living. It is simple, yet strategic and specific, offering a clear path and practice on how we may live into the fullness of God.

Second, your shared values, what matters most to you, are exactly what it means to be an Episcopal Church in the world today. To leave one out would compromise who we truly are. Our ancient and beautiful worship and music are a great gift to a frantic world. Fellowship, the opportunity to know and be known by each other and by God, reflects the core essence of God as Trinity. Caring for each other and growing deeper into the life of God through pastoral care and Christian formation, again, allow us to live into who God creates us to be. You also understand that it is not enough to stop there, but that the Holy Spirit longs to move us beyond our church walls to bring blessing and grace to people near and far in your abundant commitment to outreach and community involvement. Amen!

What excites me most is your desire to actually be a part of this expression of the Jesus Movement in the Cow Hollow neighborhood of San Francisco. Through your commitment to lay leadership and volunteer involvement, you clearly express that you want to be a part of this transformation because you know it will transform you as well. Which is why you have called a rector who will not simply take care of you, but will also walk with you. You have expressed a desire for a “fellow traveler” in this wonderful journey of life who will challenge you to be all that you truly are, or as you aptly put it, to become your best selves. I can't express to you what a privilege it will be to lead alongside and among you and I am looking forward to getting to know you all.

Heather and I, along with our daughter Gabriella and son Jonathan, look forward to being with you starting mid-August. Please pray for our transition and travel, and we will continue to pray for you as well. I cannot adequately express how excited I am to be your rector and for us to be co-workers together towards God’s abundant vision for Cow Hollow and beyond!

Grace and Peace,

David Erickson+

Hear from David

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