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From the Search Committee

Search CommitteeDear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

St. Mary’s is excited to welcome you to our Rector Search page!

The search committee is conducting our initial interviews with a very strong group of candidates after having read through all of their application documents in December and deciding who continued in the process. We are excited to be meeting them virtually each weekend this January, and then will discern who we move forward with in February. At that time we will start scheduling visits in their home parishes during February and March. Continuing on schedule, we will then be able to discern from those visits which 3 or so we move forward to the vestry for their consideration and interviewing. We will prepare information booklets for each candidate in April and forward those to the vestry by May, so they can start their discernment and final interview visits in May/June.

We have a report being published in the Cow Hollow News coming out shortly and will be speaking at our Annual Meeting.


If you are a parishioner with any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Creighton, Diana or anyone on the search committee on or in the courtyard.

If you are an candidate with any questions, please feel free to email us at the candidate address,

In Christ,

Creighton Reed and Diana Sullivan,
Co-chairs of the Profile and Search Committee


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